"Brotherhood: A year inside Dosnoventa"


"Brotherhood: A year inside Dosnoventa" is the third book of the Spanish photographer Sergio De Arrola, this time in collaboration with Dosnoventa. After touring USA and Africa by bicycle and publishing two documentary books focusing on people and common spaces, he now publishes another volume focused on the human aspect of an experience. This time it´s under the prism of Dosnoventa and portraying the flourishing "Fixed Gear" scene. An underground scene that unites a world community with a common thread: fixed gear bikes - no gears and no brakes. A series of dogmas that look like limitations, but on the contrary have the capacity of introducing the true experience of cycling.


290 pages
Novatech Ultimatt 135 + Munchen Polar Rought 130 papers
size 31,5 cm x 24 cm
4 fold-outs
Photographer: Sergio de Arrola
Design: Dani Melo (Dosnoventa) & Affaire Projects
Printed in Barcelona by Nova Era. April 2017.