DOSNOVENTA "YELLOWSTONE" ENAMEL MUG (set of 2 mugs + 2 coasters)


Heavy weight Steel and thicker enamel characterize the new Dosnoventa mugs. Manufactured in an ancient european factory using only traditional techniques, this mug is reinforced at the rim and the handle by dipping it twice in enamel which makes it tougher & unique.
Use it at home, pack it on your travel bag or strap it your bike, the perfect companion for your wildest adventures!


  • Made in the EU with european steel and enamelware
  • They are 8cm in diameter & hold 0.35 liter/each
  • Dishwasher & campfire safe
  • Sold in pairs
  • Includes "Yellowstone" Coasters Pack.

Price doesn't include taxes.

The enamel mug could have some imperfections. This is down to the nature of enamelware! Every coat of enamel is applied by people’s skilled hands, not by automatic machines. Some dots, shades, etc. are proof of this.