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Race Team


Miguel Indurain

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Miguel Indurain Jr, son of 5-time Tour de France winner Miguel Indurain was born in 1995 in Pamplona, a city in northern Spain, he had his shot at professional cycling. Graduated from the University with a degree in Business Administration. Today he is focused on developing his experience in the field of cycling and his career as barista. He usually spend his free time practising cycling or any other sport. And if it's not sports he'll probably be chilling with a good book.

In the last year 2018 he became an athlete racing in Fixed Gear Crits with the Endless-Dosnoventa Racing team. He moved to Mallorca where is currently working and training.

Enol Costales

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Growing up the youngest of 2 on a small village situated along the Asturian coast, called Gijón. Enol Costales Cortina has cycling in his DNA, after spending the whole youth surfing around Europe, the track bike helped him to achieve goals that he never thought before. Cycling was more a hobby on the beginning but Iván Cortina- an accomplished pro cyclist on the World Tour- introduced him to racing early on.

After few years on the elite road racing, Enol made his way back to the track bike crit scene but due to a nasty crash last spring he couldn’t reach his goals this season.
He is beyond fired up to keep making a name for herself in the Red Hook Crit.


Jeremy Borden

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Jeremy Borden is a rider based in New York City. He started riding bikes to commute to his college classes. After a few issues with riding a road bike in the city traffic he decided to get his first fixed gear bike. The fixed gear opened up a vast culture as well as competitive area. The bike allowed Jeremy to become more serious about his fitness so he could keep up with his friends. Within a year, he was already looking to become more aggressive in his racing career. In the world of fixed gear the premier race that everyone was talking about was the Redhook Crit. An already international circuit, of the utmost prestige in the fixed gear world. This circuit helped Jeremy become exposed to new brands and their bikes. Jeremy has used the city to his advantage, learned quickly how to ride in traffic and gain critical technical skills to survive. Jeremy would carry these skills over into the criterium where they would play an important part during the races. 

As his first year with Dosnoventa came to a close, he began to sharpen his focus and train harder. As a team player, Jeremy has done his homework and spent lots of time in the saddle to improve his form and fitness. He does this to be on par with his teammates who already have more years of experience. He believes that a smart and strong team is what makes a team the best team and continues to find ways to improve himself.

William Lewis

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William Lewis is a twenty-one year old French rider that is now in his 3rd year U23. He has been on his bike almost all his life but started road racing at the age of 13. He quickly started to get a hang of it and won his first race at the age of 14. He continued winning and gaining experience until his second year Junior being part of a local team, taking part in Nationals and learning to ease himself in pelotons with up to 250 riders.

The 1st year U23 has been a turning point, he joined the Amicale Cycliste Bisontine, a Division Nationale 2 team (second amateur division) which allowed him to take part in important Cat1-2 races and specialise in his strong points which are ITT and criterium racing. At the same time following a three year degree in Sports Science in order to become a fully qualified cycling coach.

Graduating in June, this year will be a turning point for him as he is going to face new challenges, such as the RedHook Criteriums on many other fixed gear races. He is eager to perform well and make his way through the hierarchy of the fixed gear world in his rookie year!

Tobias Lewis

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Tobias Lewis is a French rider based in NYC. Coming from a small town in between mountains and fields his only mean of transport was the bike.
Biking has always been his mean of transport of choice. From commuting to school to riding wherever the girlfriends would be. Whatever bike came in his hands he would ride it, as long as the wheel kinda spin it works!
4 years ago a track bike came in his hands and never let it go since. Having the love to push him self, he started riding longer and harder. From commuting to rides exceeding 300km on track bikes. He rode from Tokyo to mont Fuji then hiked with his bike strapped to his back and rode back to Tokyo with no sleep no rest for a 30hour effort 320km bike and 30km hike.

His first year competing was in 2015 for Leader Bikes, and his first ever cycling race was Redhook Brooklyn! He got a hang of it very quick as he would score a 53rd place in Redhook Overall standings having taken part in only 3 out of 4 races.

Randy Guzmán

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William Randy Guzman began his career as a boxer at age 15. As a complement to boxing and to improve his physical condition, he began training with a bike regularly. Two years after starting cycling, in 2013; William participated in his first criterium where he placed very well. Since then, the bicycle became his passion and main training tool. In 2014 with great dedication and effort, William Randy became one of the most outstanding young people in track and road cycling from Puerto Rico.
The following year, he was presented with the opportunity to participate in the most important fixed gear competition in the world. “The Red Hook Criterium,” where he earned an incredible 4th place in the final standings for the 2015 season.

Raul Torres

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Raul Torres is a Mexican Dosnoventa team rider. Specializing in track racing on the Velodrome; Raul began his career very young with the support of his family. Raul´s family has always had a strong link with the world of cycling.
His first race was at 4 years old and since then he never stopped training and improving. It was not until he was 13 years old when he got his first medal in a points race in the velodrome. Since then, Raul has always remained in the top 5 nationally.

Two years ago, with the help of Safa Brian Wagner, Raul joined a competitive crit team. He entered the world of fixed gear crits for the first time participating in The Red Hook Criterium. Ending the year with a ninth place in the overall standings, Raul Torres signed with Team Attaquer Dosnoventa and thus became part of the Dosnoventa family.


Juanma Pozo

Founder and co-owner

The brand’s founder and in charge of general management.
Juanma also manages the communications, events organization, video production and photoshoots.

Dani Melo

Art Director

Dosnoventa Art Director, in charge of graphic design, merchandising development and the Dosnoventa clothing line.

Uri Bordes

Product manager

Dosnoventa's product manager, responsible to manage from concept to product end of life. In charge of our production, overseeing production processes and supervising the work of manufacturers.